Remember Why You Chose to Work in Veterinary Care? At Rise, We Do

Remember Why You Chose to Work in Veterinary Care? At Rise, We Do

We all chose this field because of a common passion: making a difference in the lives of pets who can’t take care of themselves. The greatest reward is the power to heal. The simple joy of a healthy tail wag or a purr of happiness.

But then things changed. We began finding balance sheets replacing bandages, utilization goals replacing the freedom to care, and ledger books replacing love. This can’t be the future of how we care for our furry family members.

At Rise, we’re inspiring a renewed faith and passion in a field that has been overtaken by quarterly profit goals. We strive to make a difference in the lives of pets again—for our patients’ wellbeing, and our own.

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Everyone has visions of how to change this industry—we’re actually bringing those visions to life.

- John Thompson, President & CEO

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What Makes Us So Different?

What Makes Us So Different?

When our founders established Unconditional, a rescue center for senior and special needs dogs, they quickly discovered firsthand how broken specialty care is. This simple revelation was the catalyst for Rise. While we were troubled by the existing system, it inspired us to imagine what specialty care could look like if we held nothing back.

Inspiration turned into planning, and planning turned into building everything we hoped for in specialty care—and Rise Pet Health was born.

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Rise is, and always will be, privately owned
That means we’re uniquely positioned to practice medicine the way we’ve always wanted to. It means we can bring together the most talented people in the field, give them the best tools available, and work together to heal pets in a positive and collaborative environment.

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Rise puts pets before profits, without compromise
We’re a passionate group of pet advocates and specialists who put care, commitment, and compassion for pets before anything else. That doesn’t mean we’re here to lose money, we just reinvest the profits back into Rise, our team members, and pets in need, rather than detached corporate owners.

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Without great people, there is no great care
While our primary focus is always on the health and wellbeing of our patients, we know that to provide the best care possible, we need to actively support the health and wellbeing of our team members every day.

Our greatest difference is the unbreakable desire to make a difference.

Why Should You Work with Us?

We see and feel the challenges you face every day, trying to do what you love the way you know how to do it. That’s what inspired us to create Rise. We’re bringing about the kind of transformative, industry-shifting change that will set new standards of care, making this a field we’re all excited to work in again.

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An Extraordinary Company Needs Extraordinary People

Rise is reimagining and rebuilding everything about specialty veterinary care, and we’re looking for exceptional people to join us in our mission. It’s no small challenge to change an industry. But with the right people, we’re getting it done.

So if you dream of doing what you love every day, if you pride yourself on your commitment to excellence, and if you’re looking for something new, innovative, and energizing…you might be one of us.

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We're doing something truly exciting at Rise Pet Health, bringing humanity and compassion back into veterinary medicine, and we're seeking the best people to help us carry that mission forward.

- Kevin Hergert, CVPM, Hospital Administrator

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